Tokoyo Rove & Lord Haw-Haw Krauthammer Misrepresent “Buckley’s Rule”

Posted: September 17, 2010 in 2010, christine o'donnell

William F. “Buckley’s Rule” is to support to the conservative candidate most likely to win.

Please consider this voting record:

Voted YES on TARP
Voted YES on Cap and Trade
Voted YES on Cash for Clunkers
Voted YES on the auto bailout
Voted YES on bailing out Fannie and Freddie
Voted YES on SCHIP (w/ tax increase)
Voted YES to increase taxes on oil and gas companies
Voted YES to increase the minimum wage
Voted NO to open up ANWR
Voted YES on the pork-infested 2005 Highway bill
Voted NO to restrict eminent domain abuse
Voted YES to increase funding for PBS
Voted YES on the Medicare drug benefit
Voted YES on No Child Left Behind
Voted YES on McCain-Feingold
Voted NO to end milk subsidies
Voted NO on waiving Davis-Bacon labor rules

That is not the voting record of a conservative, however it is the record of the candidate that they still support even though their own party picked someone else in he primary.And worst of all, they won’t sit down and shut up, thereby damaging their own party’s candidate. As Sarah Palin advised, “Buck up or stay in the truck”

While I generally support cannibalism in either of the two major circle-jerks political parties, this is just stupid and it embarrasses me because, while I haven’t always agreed with them, I have referred to both of these newly revealed idiots as smart.  I never will again.

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