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I disagree with Kelly. The training the flight crew had was for “description of the suspect”. First, you are not supposed to leave your seat when the plane is taxiing, second I’m 6’5″ and 275lbs and have never damaged anything in a commuter jet, so how the the suspect damage the toilet and why didn’t he immediately report it the the flight crew? It might have been a test, it might have been staged either as a dry run or to give basis for a lawsuit, or it might have been innocent. Tell me why is shouldn’t be investigated. If you were on the plane, what would you think. CAIR can go suck an egg until they start condemning radical clerics, something you don’t hear them do.

Happy Halloween!! These Ghouls (Frank Pallone, Rush Holt and company) were certainly THE TRICK!

And why you need to be alert while your state redraws congressional districts next year in response to the census.Why bother stuffing ballots when you can just draw districts to ensure your re-election? The new documentary Gerrymandering exposes what executive producer Bill Mundell calls “the most effective form of manipulating elections short of outright fraud.”Mundell sat down with’s Tim Cavanaugh to talk about the new documentary, the consequences of political redistricting, and what can be done to un-rig elections.

I thought they were going to drain that thing. /sarc

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Dana Loesch explains it all! The TEA Party is in no mood for their candidates to be co-opted by the Autocratic Establishmentarians. If they stict to it maybe the Rethuglicans can get back to what they claim are their principles.

Steven Malanga, of City Journal, and author of Shakedown, talks to Allen Barton about how the left has seized power in Washington, D.C. Incumbents and public service unions have gamed the system and are upending prosperity in America. Does government now exist simply to serve the needs of unions and politicians? Find out on this episode of Front Page.

It’s really two stories in one and it all happened to Gabby Mercer all in the same day. Mercer and her friends may have witnessed a crime. They claim that staffer Ruben Reyes had Ruth McClung signs in his 4Runner. Reyes is also married to Tucson Councilwoman Regina Romero. THEN later that night, someone threw a rock through her back window. Gabby’s back window was painted up showing support for Governor Jan Brewer and has a lot of conservative stickers.