Religion of Misogynistic Submission claims Another Victim

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

From “The Australian”

A British aid worker kidnapped by militants in Afghanistan has died during a rescue attempt by US special forces.

Linda Norgrove, described by colleagues as an “inspiration”, was killed during a firefight between elite troops and her captors on Friday night, after one of her kidnappers detonated a suicide bomb

Major Patrick Sieber, a US Army spokesman, indicated yesterday the device had been set off deliberately. “The outcome was entirely because of the hostage-takers – he killed himself and her,” he said.

Helicopter-borne US troops discovered Ms Norgrove mortally wounded after fighting through small-arms fire as they stormed a family compound in Korengal, a remote and mountainous “no man’s land” in Kunar province, northeast Afghanistan.

A British official confirmed: “All the information we have suggests she was killed by an explosion, most likely due to a suicide vest.”


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