C.S. Lewis Schools Richard Wolffe on Sarah Palin

Posted: December 13, 2010 in sarah palin

It really is a shame that a supposedly educated man such as Wolffe only knows of “The Chronicles of Narnia” as children’s books and misses the literary allegory as well as ignoring the christian doctrine books such as ‘Mere Christianity’, ‘Miracles’, ‘Surprised by Joy’, ‘The Four Loves’, ‘The Problem of Pain’, ‘The great Divorce’, ‘Joyful Christian’, and my favourite, ‘The Screwtape Letters. Of course I understand why he certainly wouldn’t want to mention ‘The Screwtape Letters’. Screwtape’s instructions to Wormwood bear a striking resemblance to the Progressive Media’s stylebook.

Chris Mathews, Richard Wolffe, and Jay Newton Small are so steeped in the progressive flippancy about all things Sarah Palin they do not realize the joke is on them. Wolffe, an Oxford grad no less (yes, Lewis’ beloved Oxford) , beclowns himself as with near unrestrained eagerness he giggles the stunningly ignorant assertion that it’s odd for Palin to read Lewis for inspiration. Congratulations you three. We could not have scripted a better demonstration of the ignorance of the mainstream media on things of real importance.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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