Busybodies, Babes, and Bacon! Presenting Reason.tv’s 2010 Nanny of the Year

Posted: December 17, 2010 in busybodies, gavin newsom, happy meal, libertarian, mick cornett, nanny of the month, nanny state, reason foundation, reason magazine, reason.com, reason.org, reason.tv, ted balaker

They touch our lives in so many ways, and Reason.tv acknowledges those who tell us that if it looks good, tastes good, or feels good, it should be illegal.

Live (to tape) from the fourth floor of the Sepulveda Center in Los Angeles, California–it’s the 2010 Nanny of the Year Awards!

Over the past year, Reason.tv has recognized plenty of busybodies who relish minding other people’s business, but who deserves to succeed 2009’s winner (Meddlin’ Mike Bloomberg), and take home the 2010 Nanny? Will it be the heartland mayor who sacked the Lingerie Football League? The Peach State pol who sued a man for growing a vegetable garden in his own yard? A member of the food police?

Remember, it’s a dishonor just to be nominated. So get your awards season started off right, and tune it to the only show that delivers busybodies, babes, and bacon!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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