Teachers Union Won’t Accept Pay Cuts or Evaluations

Posted: December 17, 2010 in AFT, bailout, bankrupting america, big government, california, california legislature, democrat, democratic, democrats, teacher's union, teachers, teachers unions gone wild

In this time of economic hardship and states’ problems with public sector pensins

We get this from the L.A. Times:

California’s largest teachers union Wednesday fired an early salvo in contract negotiations, serving notice that it wouldn’t accept pay cuts and that it won’t consider linking teacher evaluations to student test scores in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

“No part of teachers’ evaluations should be based on their students’ standardized test scores”, said treasurer David Goldberg. The union supports using data to improve instruction, he added, and wants to fix a broken teacher evaluation system. The district wants test scores to count for at least 30% of evaluations through a “value-added” system that measures student improvement, taking into account past performance. Some unions elsewhere have accepted value-added formulas as one measure of teacher effectiveness.

  1. Bunny B. says:

    Teachers are paid so poorly to begin with and take their lives into their hands every time they enter the classroom. Anyone who knows about assessment, knows that achievement scores from standardized tests are not at all a true measure of what the student has learned or how well the teacher has taught. We’ve discussed this before. I can’t believe you are still harping on teachers’ unions. Start harping on parents who don’t prepare their children to attend school. Start harping on parents who use the school system as a babysitting service. Hold parents accountable for the attendance and the academic achievement of their children and look at how quickly things change.

    • rrroark says:

      I don’t have any problem with the majority of teachers. I have a serious problem with public sector unions. The very existence of public sector unions (other than some functions of police unions that other public sector unions don’t have) is usually more politically than member oriented. And I believe that unions shouldn’t be able to feed on tax dollars.

      • Bunny B. says:

        Come up with a better alternative. The teachers’ union was formed originally to fight the firing of teachers due to politics. If the mayor’s daughter wanted to teach but there were no openings, a teacher in an existing job was fired and the mayor’s daughter was put in that position. I went to a high school in which almost all the teachers were a member of one of the two politically prominent families in the county. The school superintendent, in charge of hiring teachers, was a member of one of the two politically prominent families. Applicants who had just finished college were hired over people who had had years of experience and had proven themselves as good teachers but were not politically connected. None of the teachers in the county were members of the teachers’ union because they knew they would be fired the moment it got out that they were about the join the teachers union. I don’t necessarily approve of everything the teachers’ union does, but I know it started out as a way to protect good teachers from the nepotism and the policy of using jobs to curry political favor.

      • rrroark says:

        That is what the civil service laws are for. After all, if all the connected people were the first into the unions they would have erected barriers to entry and limited competition. That is the major historical funtions of unions.

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