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Janet Incompetano’s stormtroopers at the TSA seem to be channeling the Zucker Brothers. When they are not groping a woman’s sanitary napkin, they are letting a guy on a plane with an undeclared Glock pistol in his luggage.

The Daily Mail reported:

The effectiveness of security at U.S. ports is being questioned after a businessman accidentally travelled on a flight with a loaded handgun in his luggage.
Iranian-American Farid Seif was screened by Trasport Security Administration officials at Houston airport in Texas. His hand luggage was also X-rayed before he took off on his international flight.

It wasn’t until Mr Seif arrived at his hotel several hours later that he realised that he had forgotten to unpack a loaded snub nose Glock pistol from his luggage before he embarked on his journey.

Of course, since he was an Iranian-American, any scrutiny would have been profiling, and we can’t have that! /sarc

Proof positive that security in US airports is politically correct form over function simply to make a show of security in order to establish another public service union to funnel money to the Dhimmicretins while conditioning Americans to get used to Fourth Amendment violations in the name of security.

First the body scanner, watch the TV under security man’s arm.

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Now watch the security checkpoint again.

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Imagine being able to buy some gold just about anywhere. Now Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida, is the first in the U.S. to have a gold dispensing machine. The German developed machine has proven its popularity in Europe and the Middle East over the last year, possibly in response to the political popularity if the “Zimbabwe School of Economics” (also known as Quantitative Easing) policies among the political class.

Oscar Mayer Congressman (Anthony Weiner, D,NY) call your office!

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NJ Teachers Unions brag about tenure in NJ, call Christie a “bastard,” say they would “absolutely” side with teachers over kids in abuse situations.
East Newark Education Association
President, Montclair Education Association
Irvington Education Association
VicePresident, Bloomfield Education Association
President, Piscataway Education Association
New Brunswick Education Association
NJ Federation of Teachers
President, Newark Teachers Association
Voorhees Education Assocation
President, Vineland Education Association

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