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From before Christmas, Stossel examines the giving profiles of the Americam people when it comes to their own money.

It’s not charity when someone takes money from you at the point of a gun to give to someone else.

The Robin Hood Legend (at least the original) was that Robin stole from the government (the ones that had taken the wealth from the poor) not the producers of wealth.

Two more parts to follow.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


An Important Message From The Staff of Camp Politics:

Our mission is to train your son or daughter to win political office and then stay there – mainly by using campaign finance laws to suppress political speech that threatens their reelection.

But, unfortunately, many in the public have the absurd idea that free speech should receive the full protection of the First Amendment. One of the chief proponents of this view is the Institute for Justice. It just launched its “Citizen Speech Campaign,” which it calls “a multi-state effort to restore full protection to political speech about candidates and ballot issues.” If you truly care about your children’s future as successful incumbent politicians, please do not allow the Institute to dissuade you from sending them to Camp Politics.

Vodpod videos no longer available.