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Obama Has A Debate. With Obama.

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C-SPAN Viewer’s Guide

Posted: February 22, 2011 in committee, congress, politics

If you’ve ever watched C-SPAN, you know that Congress can be incomprehensible. In this week’s episode of D.C. Decoder, host Craig Crawford cuts through the jargon to explain the procedural mess. (Video by Andrew Satter)

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As Congress begins to debate spending cuts, freshman lawmakers have been very vocal in their support for strong leadership and smart cuts on the path back to fiscal sanity in Washington. We sat down with several freshmen in Congress to get their opinion of the proposed cuts.

Vodpod videos no longer available. presents exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage of the movie adaption of part I of Ayn Rand’s epic and hugely influential novel, Atlas Shrugged, which tells the story of a United States crumbling under the weight of government intervention and the “men of the mind” who fight against their collectivist exploiters.

This sneak peek offers a glimpse into the post-production process as well as portions of a never-before-viewed scene from the movie.***SPOILER ALERT*** This video contains portions of a scene and actors discussing the actions of their characters.

This pivotal scene features James Taggart (played by Matthew Marsden, Black Hawk Down, Transformers), the weak-willed, conniving brother of the film’s heroine, Dagny Taggart, as he conspires with the likes of corrupt lobbyist Wesley Mouch (Michael Lerner, A Serious Man, Barton Fink), shady businessmen Orren Boyle (Jon Polito, Miller’s Crossing), and Paul Larkin (Patrick Fishler, Lost, Southland), to bring down the successful steel magnate Hank Rearden. They view Rearden’s supposed threat of monopoly over the steel and railroad industries as on obstacle in the path to success for wealthy playboy Francisco D’Aconia, with whom they’re investing their money, though James Taggart is suspicious (perhaps rightly so) of D’Aconia’s trustworthiness and business acumen.

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 hits theaters April 15.

Vodpod videos no longer available.