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Democratic Assemblyman Gordon Hintz pointed and exploded at female Conservative Michelle Litjens saying, “you’re dead” … there was also an f-bomb in there somewhere. She was completely taken off guard and continues to tell Bill Hemmer how, “She was shaken up.” For more, log onto

A Failure Speaks

Posted: March 2, 2011 in labor, socialism, unions

I present to you the true result of “public” education. This young man believes that a business he had no hand in creating or making a success is his for the taking for no reason other than he is one of “the people”. And the owner who sacrificed so much would be forced to “abdicate” what he has built so the failure could be “equal” to him without any merit or effort, he just deserves it. The sad thing is he believes he is on the side of right, and can’t fathom how stupid and vain he is.

Typical Grasshopper.

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Those Indymac boys were given deal by the FDIC, and borrowers were strong-armed.

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