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I was trained that telling the truth in a way that was not convincing was the height of misdirection. Is that what this is? Who knows?

Bill Ayers claims he wrote Barack Obama’s Autobiography Dreams of My Father. He said this in front of over 100 people at a Students for a Democratic Soctiety (SDS) event on March 24, 2011 at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

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Dagney confronts the Union

Posted: March 28, 2011 in unions

From “Atlas Shrugged”

Courtesy of “The Strike” Productions, Inc

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Glenn Reynolds sits down with influential libertarian and classical liberal Virginia Postrel. Is Obama’s big government agenda causing a rediscovery of libertarianism? Find out. Plus, Glenn & Virginia discuss what Eva Peron & Michelle Obama have in common. You won’t believe the connection.

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