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Big Labor has become a Frankenstein monster that is out of control and trying to intimidate and threaten its master, big government. Help GOP Trust expose the truth and release ads to stop corrupt leftist unions and their socialist agenda.

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Only time for a representative sample.

SEIU Storms WA Capitol

Posted: April 10, 2011 in seiu, unions

Manufactured Madison Moments: SEIU Storms WA Capitol And Invades The Governors Office.

“Glenda Faatoafe”? So very fitting. Petulant 2 year olds should be taught better, otherwise they will still be throwing tantrums when they are supposed to be “all grown up”.

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Thumbs up if you think giving one person the power to wage war is way too dangerous- the Framers of the Constitution thought so!For more videos from Cato, subscribe to our channel.

U.S. Representative Tom McClintock (R-California) spoke at a Cato Hill Briefing on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. He said that President Obama had no Constitutional authority to begin “kinetic military action” in Libya without a congressional vote. Even under the War Powers Act the President is limited to mobilizing troops in three specific instances: a declaration of war, specific statutory authorization, and after an attack on the United States or it’s armed forces; none of these cases apply to the ongoing Libyan conflict.

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Government continues to grow in size and scope, and yet there may be reason for liberty lovers to be optimistic about the future.

In 2007, college students formed the non-profit organization Students for Liberty to aid the growth of libertarian campus groups. Today, Students for Liberty has grown to include more than 400 pro-liberty campus groups and the organization was recently featured in an episode of Stossel on Fox Business Network.

On March 31, 2011, Students for Liberty hosted a Stossel viewing party at Reason’s D.C. headquarters.

Co-founder and executive director Alexander McCobin and communications manager Blayne Bennett sat down with to talk about the organization’s history, it’s success and, why they’re optimistic about the future of liberty.

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