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Anyone else find it amusing that people who support burning the flag as inviolate “free speech”, made this silly claim against someone who is unconditionally pro-American? Must be the wrong sort of people, to them. And for the lgalists, the US Flag Code specifically states adherence is totally voluntary. Why the adjetive before Heads is Talking, not Reasoning, Educated,Knowledgeable or anthing else of worth. Just Talking.

MSNBC is taking a hard line against Sarah Palin for using the American flag to move merchandise and line her pockets. The “Lean Forward” network claims that Palin’s use of the flag in various circumstances “runs afoul” of the federal codes discouraging such displays for commercial and advertising purposes. “She drapes herself in the Stars and Stripes and makes millions of dollars in the process,” charges Martin Bashir.

You betcha. And we can only guess that when MSNBC wraps itself in the Red, White, and Blue – and it does – they’re doing it for charity.

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Of course if you’ve attended certain university courses taught by the Ayers and Dohrn sort of professor and thus believe that we are a colonialist oppressor you probably do not agree.

As Congress looks for much-need cuts in federal spending, some are wrongly looking to balance the budget by decimating defense. That’s a dangerous, wrongheaded road to head down.

We live in a hostile world, and being prepared — no matter the challenge — is key to the federal government living up to its constitutional duty to protect America. But as even as the military continues to wage war overseas, defense spending is at historic lows, all while critical investments in modern equipment are postponed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.