No Ties, No Draws and No Compromise: Republicans Can’t Cave on the Debt Ceiling

Posted: July 27, 2011 in 2012, budget, debt, deficit, democrat, liberals, obama, politics, reagan, republican

Need another dose of Zo? Click on: “Obama has the nerve to talk to us about living within means.”

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  1. Wrong on so many levels.
    There’s two things going on here. Politics and economics. We have politicians making partisan choices and using inflammatory rhetoric on an issue that should be strictly economic. The country needs the debt ceiling raised or interest rates will soar, hurting everyone.
    We need to cut the deficit, but that’s an entirely separate issue, and tying it to raising the debt ceiling was a mistake.

    • rrroark says:

      Yes you are “Wrong on so many levels.”

      Overspending leads to debt. How many years have you spent 140% of your income? And what was the result? Are you a deadbeat? Or have you managed your money better that the politicRATS have managed ours? Why shouldn’t they exercise the same restraint and prioritization as you and me?

      If we can’t muzzle the politicians thirst for vote-buying expenditures, maybe we can stop them for borrowing any more money. I used to be a lan specialist for financing (I have an MBA in Finance), ad the primary disqualification (or at least grounds to increase the interest rate because f increased risk) was over-extension, so I don’t understand why our credit rating hasn’ already been downgraded, we certainly deserve it. Now paying the interest on the debt is not a problem. That will take $29B of the $204,4B the Treasury will receive in August. If the resident of 1600Pennsyvania Ave. instructs his Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary to default on that, I thinks due to section 4 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution that it would be an impeachable offense. Now the Senate wouldn’t try him but I think the House should certainly forward the bill of impeachment to be on the desk of the next Senate.

      In the last 30 monyhs we have added 31% to the National Debt, and that’s not counting the last two years of Shrub with adhimmicretin congress (don’t forget, all spending must originate in te house). I say we belately take Obama’s and Rei’s advice from 2006. Both had very convincing argument about why we shouldn’t raise te debt ceiling. BTW, I agreed with them then. Surprise! I’m not a rethuglican.

      I think the US Credit Card should be revoked. And we should continue to pay our interest first. We’ve proven that the politcians (much ike an ex-wife of mine can spent 40% more than they have every year that we allow them t borrow.

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