Mess with the Sikh, Meet the Kirban

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Camp Pendleton, Charleston, Locales, Nikki Haley, Parris Island, Savannah

Some of the back story:

As a state legislator she fought to make votes in the legislature a matter of public record. The “good ol’ boys” did not want to have to run for re-election on their voting records.

The same “good ol’ boys” have been dragging their feet about expediting dredging the Charleston harbor to increase its depth by three feet in order to accommodate newer, larger ships and thus capture larger market share of the East Coast shipping business. 110 miles to the south lies the port city of Savannah at the mouth of the Savannah River on the border of Georgia and South Carolina. The DEHC (Department of Health and Environmental Control), made up of political appointees, had, under the previous governor, had refused to let the Port of Savannah dredge to meet the depth needed, however on November 10 the DEHC granted Georgia the water quality documents necessary for a six-foot deepening of the Savannah port. The decision reversed a previous DHEC staff motion denying the approval for the Georgia move.

Cue the squealing of the stuck pigs in the SC legislature.

The same corrupticrats that don’t want their votes to be public knowledge held televised hearings to pillory their Governor for calling their bluff. Admittedly Charleston could have had all the increased business if they h\had dredged while refusing the permits for Savannah, but with Savannah being on the border probably half the additional employees and contractors will be from South Carolina. And just maybe the dredging of Charleston will proceed before the “good ol’ boys” are able to fix all the bids.

On an additional note, the additional shipping capacity in that location may be good news for the Parris Island Marine base when the sequestered defense budget cuts start. After all, South Carolina and Georgia are much more “military friendly” than California so maybe when base closings start we can seriously consider closing Pendleton rather than Parris Island?

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