There are non mainstream media sources that confirm what Alex Jones is saying in this video. Just google ‘Obama Martial Law’, and you’ll find them.

Interesting that the “committee” (in section 701) to implement these emergency seizures and procedures are all presidential appointees. BTW, it appears that Climate Fraud emergencies would fit into the very wide definitions for triggering the implementation of this order.

Full Executive Order here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  1. mbeck says:

    I’d like you to address ‘Temporary Restraining Orders’.

    In particular, the requirement to turn over your firearms and ammo to the police, or sell it all through a licensed firearms dealer (must have receipts at the first hearing). Here in CA, this must occur within the first 48 hours of being served. The court hearing is usually scheduled for 2 weeks from the filing of the TRO.

    From my perspective, the target of a TRO is denied ‘due process’ (a TRO is issued ‘ex-parte’), loses their 2nd ammendment rights without cause, and also their 4th ammendment rights (until you get to court, the police can search for firearms/ammo at your home/business/etc. without a warrant).

    My intrepetation is that the target of a TRO is guilty of a felony until proven innocent.

    As a law abiding citizen of the US, I’d love to be proven wrong.

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