Sheriff Ken Campbell and the Magazine Capacity Debate

Posted: March 1, 2013 in 2nd amendment, firearms, gungrabbers, guns, NRA, self-defense, shootng, weapons

In a 14-minute instructional and debunk clip, Campbell narrates why a ban on high-capacity magazine sizes is ineffective, showcasing — through examples — the idea’s purported deficiencies. In an interview with TheBlaze, he explained the video’s purpose and detailed his views on the current gun control debate.

Campbell also noted that bullets “aren’t magic” and that it could take more than 10 to stop a bad guy, particularly one who is fervent and dedicated to committing his or her crime. He said that those who break the law aren’t concerned with abiding by regulations, so creating magazine capacity restrictions simply doesn’t make sense. The law abiding will follow, but criminals, naturally, won’t.

“By limiting the access to standard magazines…I think you are restricting a good American’s opportunity to protect himself and his family,” the sheriff continued.

Additionally, Campbell defended the U.S. Constitution and said that the Framers were smart men who had the ability to profoundly look into the future. He dismissed arguments centered around the idea that Americans were never intended to have AR-15s and other such weapons.

The law enforcement professional compared improved gun technologies to advancement in free-speech tools like Twitter and Facebook. While the Founders couldn’t have imagined such progressed social media tools, the First Amendment surely still covers them just as he believes the Second protects so-called assault rifles.

“Our constitution has stood its test for more than 200 years and I think it can go for 200 more if we leave it alone and follow it,” he said.

  1. lwk2431 says:

    Great video. You can imagine that someone like Adam Lanza might obsessively spend many, many hours in his basement practicing magazine changes if he only had small capacity magazines. Why is it that so many people want to exclusively focus on the objects that criminals and the insane use instead of focusing of the perpetrators?


  2. rrroark says:

    There were four super competitors out of “Canebreak”. Jerry, Donnie Miculek (brother?), Elliot Ayson and his wife Annette. I was pretty satisfied if I scored higher than Annette. I’ll never forget her walking to the line in a shotgun round at Second Chance 1984 in high heels. I must have looked a bit confused because she grinned at me and said, “They’re very stable, the recoil makes the heels dig in.”

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