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Help make anti-constitution politicians cry over their irrelevance.

SLA and FDM. Does not fail from firing stresses. 600+ rounds (.223 aka 5.56 mm). Since DHS is getting bids for 7000 M-16s (the full auto version of the AR) and over a billion rounds of ammo, using the same will make supplying the resistance much easier.

via DefDist Printed AR Lower – Part III – YouTube.

You have to wonder when SNL takes on Obama’s nonsense.



Saturday Night Live opened the March 2, 2013 episode taking on the big sequestration fight in Congress, with Jay Pharaoh as President Obama admitting to the American people that “I really have no idea how money works or how budgets work,” but did his best to explain to the American people the real-world effects of the budget cuts.

via SNL – Obama Budget Cut Methods – YouTube.