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An inherited anticolonialist rage against domination by Western civilization, stemming from the beliefs of Obama’s father is what drives the President. D’Souza lays it all out in his book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” which you can get for free when you order Townhall Magazine. In this mind-blowing book D’Souza explains why Obama’s economic policies are designed to intentionally make America poorer, why he welcomes a nuclear Iran, why he sees the United States as a rogue nation, and much more.

For a example of D’Sousa’s premise read “Obama’s Problem With Business” here.

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60 Minutes that fine “journolistic” institution gave us runaway Audis and Dan “Fake but Accurate” Rather seems to have missed the White House Memo never to mention that little unemployment number known as U6. Tonight a correspondent explained and gave the true unemployment number on the air.

I hear Dhimmicretins screaming!

If you want to see the U6 numbers, click here!

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Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Maybe they didn’t vet their spokesperson. Maybe they are trying to reach a traditional Democretin constituency.