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The Blood Gift

Posted: August 10, 2011 in florida, Military, politics

A fearsome gift delivered from the White House to the enemies of America and Israel.

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Class Warfare Results in Death

Posted: December 16, 2010 in florida, video

The gunman who opened fire at a Florida school board on Tuesday has been identified as Clay Duke. His Facebook page and all traces of his online activity were quickly purged from the internet.

However, viewed before it was removed, his Facebook profile yielded insight into his worldview and the better understanding of his possible motives.On Facebook, Duke called government an evil monster.

His Bio read in part:
I was just born poor in a country where the Wealthy manipulate, use, abuse, and economically enslave 95% of the population. Rich Republicans, Rich Democrats… same-same… rich… they take turns fleecing us… our few dollars… pyramiding the wealth for themselves. The 95%… the us, in US of A, are the neo slaves of the Global South. Our Masters, the Wealthy, do, as they like to us…Duke labeled himself a “Freedom Fighter.
Under religious views, he wrote, “Humanism.
Some of his favorite websites he listed included:

As Clay Duke spray painted the “V” for vendetta symbol on the wall of the auditorium a few minutes before his death, the same symbol used on his Facebook page, we were reminded how horrible and destructive a force is anarchy.Judging from his online activity, Mr. Duke embraced a decidedly anti-government philosophy from a leftist perspective, and targeted the school board because they had called for lower taxes, which he linked to his wife’s loss of a job.

So, once again, hate and class warfare led to violence.

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Police in Orange County, Florida, have been conducting warrantless raids of barbershops, and arresting barbers for cutting hair without a license. As a result, barbers with years of experience and lots of satisfied customers are subject to hundreds of dollars in fines, simply because they cut hair without having gotten permission from the government.Institute for Justice economic liberty expert Paul Sherman explains that under Florida law, before you’re allowed to cut hair, you must first take 1,200 hours of instruction that can cost thousands of dollars and pass a written exam.The economic effects of laws like this are well documented—by restricting entry into the market consumers are forced to pay more for fewer options.When we lose the right to work in common occupations without first asking government permission, the loss of other civil liberties soon follows. In the 1950s only one in twenty Americans needed a government license to work in their chosen occupation. Today, that number is almost one in three. Those who want to prevent a repeat of these raids should take a hard look at deregulating safe, common occupations like barbering and cosmetology.

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In a sane world he would be in a straitjacket.

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