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Posted: August 7, 2011 in geithner, government

Explanation of how uses public mockery and shame to shed light on dishonest public officials.

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Imagine being able to buy some gold just about anywhere. Now Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida, is the first in the U.S. to have a gold dispensing machine. The German developed machine has proven its popularity in Europe and the Middle East over the last year, possibly in response to the political popularity if the “Zimbabwe School of Economics” (also known as Quantitative Easing) policies among the political class.

Oscar Mayer Congressman (Anthony Weiner, D,NY) call your office!

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Donate to help end wasteful deficit spending at This new ad is part of an ongoing communications program in CAGW’s decades-long fight against wasteful government spending, increased taxes, out-of-control deficit spending, and a crippling national debt that threatens the future and survival of our country.

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Chinese Professor, posted with vodpod

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Economist Milton Friedman taught Donahue a lesson when Phil attempted to equate greed with capitalism.

Milton Friedman asks: “Just tell me where you think you’re going to find these angels that are going to organize society for us.” (Hint, establishmentarian politicians need not even apply)

Friedman regards free enterprise as the best economic system ever developed by civilization and cites history as the proof of his contention.

Milton Friedman, 1912 – 2006

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