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There is a need to muzzle the public sector unions. They take a share of the taxpayer funds allocated to pay for public services, and then use a large part of those funds to elect the people they are supposed to “bargain with” in order o receive more of the taxpayers money. The best solution would be a federal “right to work” law that would make joining and paying dues to a union totally optional with none of that “agency fee” nonsense. Or for that matter stringent by the NRLB of the “Beck rights” found in the landmark decision Communication Workers v. Beck. Of course Obummer has appointed a guy to head the NLRB that doesn’t even believe. in the right to secret ballot, he wants his gooion friends thugs to know who voted against them. For “appropriate” reeducation no doubt.

There was a time when public service was considered a noble but lower paid calling. While benefits in the public sector were always good, public servants historically could expect to trade some level of wages in exchange for job stability. No more. Today, public sector union workers earn more than their private sector counterparts, they have far more job stability, and their benefits and pensions far outshine the average in the private sector. Looking specifically at Wisconsin, for instance, the “average Milwaukee Public School teacher will be receiving $100,005 in compensation this year – $56,500 of that is in salary, and a whopping $43,505 is in benefits.” Note that a teacher’s salary only covers a little over 9 months of employment. When adjusted for that, “teachers are among some of the most highly compensated employees in the state.” And as far as quality for the tax payer dollars spent, it is notable that, according to Juan Williams on Fox News Sunday today, the reading test scores for black children in Milwaukee are the lowest in the country.

I disagree with Kelly. The training the flight crew had was for “description of the suspect”. First, you are not supposed to leave your seat when the plane is taxiing, second I’m 6’5″ and 275lbs and have never damaged anything in a commuter jet, so how the the suspect damage the toilet and why didn’t he immediately report it the the flight crew? It might have been a test, it might have been staged either as a dry run or to give basis for a lawsuit, or it might have been innocent. Tell me why is shouldn’t be investigated. If you were on the plane, what would you think. CAIR can go suck an egg until they start condemning radical clerics, something you don’t hear them do.

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Islam means submission/resignation/surrender which brings peace.

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