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This one you have to see to believe. Lisa Blum, the gun control advocate, should be writing fiction …*headslap* she already is for the left. She doesn’t exaggerate, she lies. The idea that 30,000 children die from gun accidents is a pure fiction, a whopper of a lie – it’s under 200, terrible yes, but tens of thousands die every year in car accidents. Does the left want to ban cars?

Here is the story we are discussing: After his parents stopped for gas early Wednesday, the young boy scrambled out of his child seat, found a gun police say was left in the car by his father and fatally shot himself in the head. Tacoma police said his father put his pistol under a seat and got out to pump gas while the mother went inside the convenience store. The boy’s infant sister, who also was in the car, was not injured.

The Pierce County medical examiner has identified the boy as Julio Segura-McIntosh of Tacoma.

Like a typical leftist she interrupts
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The Story of Business: by Public Notice and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council)
“I risk my livelihood…I don’t know what greater risk I could be taking,” says Wes Garner, owner of Great Lakes Calcium, a small business in Green Bay, Wisconsin that makes the compound in Tums.

Wes is an entrepreneur, and he’s invested his life into his business. He does it because he loves to create, innovate, and provide the foundation for himself and his employees to make a good living. But Wes is worried. Uncertainty is one of the most damaging hurdles a business can face. And Wes doesn’t understand why government is making things unnecessarily uncertain and complex for his business.

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A Chicago Park District employee criticizes his union leaders’ choices of candidates and causes, and rejects the union’s endorsement for governor. Conversation took place at the Palos Tea Party’s American Voter Rally in Tinley Park, IL, 10.10.2010.

The message he needs to leave on the unions voicemail is, “I have found a lawyer to bring suit under the provisions of “Communications Workers of America v. Beck

From “Blocking Beck”:

The Supreme Court’s 1988 decision in Communications Workers of America v. Beck established that union members and nonunion workers who are forced to contribute to unions cannot have their funds used for political purposes without their consent. Beck offered two potentially major benefits. First, it could have restored control of their money to individual workers. And second, since as much as 80 percent of dues are used for political purposes rather than to negotiate better salaries or working conditions, it could have reduced the ability of unions to wield political power that limits free markets.

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Remember Orwell?

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If you recognize that Obummer speaks “Newspeak” and run “It took time to free the slaves” through the handy-dandy Newspeak translation machine you get, “It takes time to enslave a free nation.”

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