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As a veteran and long time (since 1978) Libertarian whose brand of libertarianism was relabeled as Neolibertarian (a description I heartedly embraced) by the crew at QandO back in 2004, I believe that Sarah-Cuda just laid out why we need a strong revolt from the self-privileged, self-entitled, thieves, poltroons and con-men of the political class.

On America’s News HQ, Sarah Palin criticized both Republicans and Democrats who “caved” in to President Obama’s “wishes to legalize illegal aliens.”

Palin slammed the bill and its supporters, saying “it’s a matter of a lack of principle and respect the law.” She even called it a “betrayal” to law-abiding Americans and legal immigrants. “It doesn’t solve any of the problems that we may have with immigration.”

When it comes to NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Palin said he needs to face the consequences of his actions if he did indeed violate the law. “We are still a nation that respects the rule of law, right, even though amnesty bill just sort of thwarted all that.”

via Sarah Palin: Immigration Bill Supporters 'Betrayed' Americans – YouTube.

Congressional Attorney Mark Levin explains to Neil Cavuto why the budget deal is a bust!

Given the fact we are borrowing (from who? I have the sinking feeling it’s the Jekyll Island Mafia, known commonly as the Fed), this “cut” postpones the day of reckoning 9 days at most.

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Karl Rove is an Autocratic Establishmentarian. Like a lot of the political class he sees politics as akin to polo. By his nonsensical disdain it is easy to see his view of the political game is that competition should only be between the gentry of the “political class”, who are rightfully our lords and masters. Soon I hope that an Ivy League Law Degree becomes the “Mark of Cain” for the purposes of acquiring a political fiefdom.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

This moron kid calls Mark thinking he is going to be a smart ass about Christine O’Donnell and the first amendment and he got more than he bargained for,Dumb ass, They never learn.

Vodpod videos no longer available.