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College is not the only way to get a good education in America.

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Steven Pressfield, author of The Profession and The Warrior Ethos, joins Glenn Reynolds to discuss the future of the United States military. Could professional soldiers fill a vacuum left by a declining US military? Could these mercenaries usurp civilian power?

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Bestselling author Steven Pressfield joins InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds to discuss his new novel, The Profession. Also, how is the military the most respected institution in America and what does that say about our society?
Find out.

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The Blood Gift

Posted: August 10, 2011 in florida, Military, politics

A fearsome gift delivered from the White House to the enemies of America and Israel.

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The Blood Gift, posted with vodpod

I saw this on Hot Air:

Underpants Gnomes debt plan:
Phase 1: Defeat Boehner;
Phase 2: ???;
Phase 3: Cut, Cap, Balance!

What they seem to be advocating seems to be:

Establishmentarian Gnomes debt plan:
Phase 1: Surrender;
Phase 2: ???;
Phase 3: Victory!

I’ve been mentored by high school and colege athletic coaches (multiple sports), Vietnam era Drill Sergeants (they deserve capitalization), Special Forces Officers (them,too) and have even been a TAC NCO at Officer Candidate School and I can assure you that victory is not a result of surrender!

FIGHT YOU BASTARDS! Or we’ll find someone who will! In the streets, if necessary. The Estaplishmentarian Rethuglicans don’t have enough guts in their entire caucus to field a Lingerie Football Team! Actually probably not a grade school chess team, the ladies of the LFL seem to be quite a bit more aggressive and gutsy. Maybe Patton could slap some courage into these sniveling cowards! Were they ever weaned, I wonder?

Obama has called Marine Gen James “Hoss” Cartwright his favorite general. This is probably because General Cartwright sided with the pResident over the pentagon on matters of policy, strategy, and tactics. Because of that he was considered a shoo-jn for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff whem\n Admiral Mike Mullen retires in September. In his job as vice chairman of the JCoS he was known to have bypassed Adm Mullen to offer his alternative ideas directly to the pResident. This flouting of the chain-of command for political points does not sit well with most career military, including his supposed teammates on the JCoS.

From Barbara Starr and Ed Henry CNN:

Cartwright had long been considered a White House favorite, but had run afoul of other senior officers inside the Pentagon who felt he more than once went behind their backs in offering the president military recommendations and advice on a range of issues, including lower troop levels in Afghanistan.

The Defense Department official who is familiar with Cartwright’s thinking says the general was aware of these criticisms, and only offered recommendations when asked by the president.

“There was an impression created he wasn’t a team player,” said the official, who was offering a defense of Cartwright’s actions

“Gen. Cartwright never believed he was a deputy. He believed he had a legal and moral obligation to give the president his best military advice,” the source said. “He is not obligated to provide the same advice as everybody else.”

The official acknowledged the widespread view many had, however, that Cartwright plays his cards close to the vest inside the Pentagon and often shared little with colleagues about his real thinking.

The official also noted that neither Gates nor Mullen had recommended Cartwright for the job as chairman, which meant his nomination by the White House would have been difficult to justify to Congress.

So basically now Obummer has said , “Thanks Sucker”, and gone on to nominate a general that “plays well with others”.