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Teachers Union Leader calls for revolution, wants to learn from socialists, says being Republican is a pathology, and evil.

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The “civility” of leftards. Is this what they mean about turning Madison into the next Cairo?

Andrew Klavan reveals the strategy used to silence the criticism and ideas of conservative thinkers.


Ah yes, the “anonymous complaints” exception to free speech.

I have to wonder if it might have been different had it been a Mexican Flag, or perhaps one depicting Che Guevara, Greenpeace, the UN, AFL-CIO, or any number of leftist icons.

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Vote for the Witch! You would think that would endear her to all those moonbeam atheist Dhimmicretins, wouldn’t you? I guess their worship of the omnipotent state takes precedence. She actually understands that the “separation of church and state” is not in the First Amendment to our Constitution. To them that’s a bigger heresy than witchcraft that they would under all other circumstances they would approve.


Palin, O’Donnell Speak, Dhimmicretins Expose Ignorance

Mark Levin Rips A New One On Moron Caller About Separation Of Church And State

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Sharpton gets schooled. Is it possible that some that are thought of as unthinking Dhimmicretin loyalists are starting to look at actual results instead of mere rhetoric? One would hope, but 40 years of union control of the public eduction system is a lot of indoctrination to overcome.

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