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Uncle Scrooge explains the how money circulates.

Fear op uncertainty slpws circulation and money is not inveted, understand? It’s not thar some have “too much? so that others have less, it’s that if you scare those people that have money, they withdraw it from circulation and those without suffer.

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IHS Global Insight published a 277 page study quantifying the opportunity for job creation and GDP growth in the United States. OMSA distilled that info into a 4-minute video. If President Obama and his regulators — Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and BOEMRE director Michael Bromwich — simply cleared the backlog of offshore drilling permits and exploration plans, the oil and gas industry could return to operations at historic norms. But today, that’s not the case. The slow-pace of administrative approvals leaves exploration and development activities at a near standstill. Clear the bureaucratic gridlock and industry will create 230,000 jobs by 2012.

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Black From Islam: African American Muslim Defectors (Jalila)

A Film by Layla Merritt

Throughout Pro-Black movement of the 1960’s and 70’s, black Americans converted in droves to Islam. Black From Islam profiles three African American women who were raised in insular, Muslim communities inside America. What they each discovered when they stepped outside led to three fascinating life stories of triumph, tragedy, wisdom, and growth.

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Teachers unions say California must not roll back annual increases in public school spending. And they’re not too careful about facts when they make that case.

Teachers frequently claim, for example, that California is in either 49th or 50th place among the 50 states in per-pupil spending. In fact, the Golden State is 31st in per-pupil spending.

Teachers also say the Golden State could solve its chronic budget shortfalls by raising tax rates on the rich. But California is already unusually dependent on taxes collected from high earners. This is why revenue collections can drop sharply during recession, while spending — which has increased 37 percent since 2001 — continues to grow at rates exceeding inflation and population growth.

Last Friday, May 13, teachers all over Los Angeles left school early to attend a Downtown rally. Reason TV tagged along to find out what other whoppers teachers are telling (outside the classroom, that is)

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Many students believe that it is moral to confiscate money from hard-working Americans and entrepreneurs and give it to those who didn’t earn it, yet don’t support the same philosophy when it is applied to their GPA scores.

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Economic lecture on the merits and workings of capitalism. With Prof. Clifton L. Ganus of Harding College, Searcy, Ark. Producer: Fotovox, Inc. / Sponsor: National Education Program, Harding College.

I doubt that this is taught anywhere,  anymore except probably Hillsdale College.


Presented by Bob Murphy at “Economics in One Lesson: A Seminar for High School Students,” 19 November 2010 in Auburn, Alabama. Sponsored by Anastasia Thiele.

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