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I don’t often reference the New york Times, but you need to read this first:

Bleak Portrait of Poverty Is Off the Mark, Experts Say

Sounds like a more accurate and truthful way to do the measuring, right?
Now read this from the census Bureau:

Update on the Supplemental Poverty Measure

Now answer the question:

Who benefits by quoting overstated poverty numbers?

Otherwise known as dumbing down the populace in order to enable politicrats to feed on them while encouraging their ignorance. A few more years of this and they will be eligible for the Occupy Movement. (The latest incarnation of the Hitler Jugend.)

Whatcha wanna bet they can recite all sorts of Malthusian-Luddite fables and fantasies about DDT, anthropogenic global warming, overpopulation, wind power, solar power and peak oil? Of course they won’t be able to tell you who T. R. Malthus or Ned Ludd were or about their actual disproved theories, the successors of which are are the Watermelons’ (Green on the outside Red on the inside) political platform aspiring to lead to an Animal Farm/Bolshevik revolution leading to their desired three class society. (Did you know Bolshevik means “Majority”, which they weren’t? Seems that the Occupy Movement, who aren’t the 99% are taking a page from Lenin’s playbook, nyet?)

The three classes obviously desired
1. Those who rule government
2. Those who work for government
3. Peasants that live off the “benevolence” of government

James O’Keefe, President of of Project Veritas, receives the 2011 “Robert D. Novak award for Journalistic Excellence.”

The Dumb Kid Vote

Posted: August 8, 2011 in acorn, education, obama, voter fraud

I have one quibble, I think you should replace the word government for your country in JFK’s quote. I hope he meant it as he said it, but I’m quite sure the progressives actually mean “Ask not what your government can do for you, but rather what you can do for us.”

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The Dumb Kid Vote, posted with vodpod

Continuing, Stanley Kurtz discusses the influence of Bill Ayers in the political development of Barack Obama.

For links to chapters 1 & 2 see “Recent Posts” in the sidbar.

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Stanley Kurtz describes Obama in his late teenage years as a “socialist, in the classic sense.”

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Author, journalist, and anthropologist Stanley Kurtz discusses, with Hoover fellow Peter Robinson, his surprise at what he discovered in Obama’s past.

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